25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2020

25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2020

Here it is, 25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2020. Every year since 2012 we’ve written about What’s New, What’s Old, What’s Hot & What’s Not. We take the opinions from the kids who wear ’em! Are you ready for this?

It’s become a tradition that we publish our list of Top 25 hottest Trends for the best homecomings mums. 2020 Homecoming Mums are just like everything else has been this year, WILD! We have some classics and some throw backs as well as new trends for you, we are excited to show you! Before we begin, let’s remember how far we’ve come! Homecoming Mums and Garters used to be a real flower with some tulle and a pin but now we’ve moved on to over the top creations that are becoming more and more of a trend in other states other than Texas. No y’all it’s not just a Texas thing anymore!

If you’re somewhat confused and don’t know what a homecoming mum is? Check out our article What Is a Homecoming Mum – 4 Definitions of a Homecoming Mums

Homecoming Mum and garter trends change like every season, like everything else. We like to take and compile the compliments, complaints, the “I’m so tired of seeing…” and the “why don’t you make..” ideas from the kids who wear them and the parents that buy them, and put together into the list below. Note that traditions do vary from school to school and area to area. What kids like in mums in Fort Worth will differ from what they will ask for in. New Jersey, Georgia, Germany or Japan. YES we’ve made mums for kids in various states and countries too! Our Top 25 hottest Trends for the best homecomings mums of 2020 list compiles it all from every where to give you a good variety as ell as some design ideas! Without further delay, Mums and Kisses presents:

25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2020

 All photos and quotes are used with permission from their originating sources.

25. What’s Hot – Designer Ribbon

Designer Ribbon has made the list for the past 2 years. What keeps the students choosing it is it’s customizability. Mum makers design these ribbon as a sort of a “one of a kind” personalized to the student.

Sometime it’s their name, sometimes it’s incorporating their grade in letters or even their talents like cheer or tennis. This ribbon is not one you can buy most places (although Mums and Kisses does sell it in their retail location) This is one that usually has to be created from scratch, making it a keeper on the top 25 list!

24. What’s Hot – Mum Head Ribbon or Cascade

Mum Head Ribbon or some call them cascading mums)is making it’s rounds, they’ve slowly become an asked for trend.

In 2020 the students are getting creative with it asking for more colors and more styles. This year you’ll see some new twists to the mum head ribbon trend.

23. What’s Not Hot -Sloppy or Plain Mums

The students report that sloppy or plain mums just are not hot. When asked what they meant we got the following responses:

“A plain mum to me are ones with little to no details, plastic, and boring. They look like they were thrown together with no thought and are super dinky” – Cheryl Hobbs – Cy Woods H.S.

“I’ve seen these sloppy mums that have these big boring curls, what’s with that? If they look messy then you can’t see what I’m about, what makes my mum, you know, ME.” – Tara Walkenstein – N. Crowley H.S.

Thank you Cheryl and Tara, we get you!

22. What’s Not Hot – Short Mums

“Mums used to be too long, and now I’ve seen girls at school wear plain short mums, and just like no. Put a little effort into it, it’s a tradition.” Sara McKeller – Arlington Heights H.S.

Although we at Mums and Kisses haven’t been asked to do short mums for high schoolers, we’ve seen a few. The short mums work on elementary school students, pee wees and even for backpacks to schools that don’t allow students to wear mums.

“Those short mums on seniors looks like they’re trying to wear their little sister’s pee wee mum to school, yuck.” Gretta Reyes – Sam Houston H.S.

21. What’s Hot – Pee Wee Mums

These sweet mum little mums are a huge hit with the elementary school crowd as well as the pee wee football teams. Even out of state schools have adopted the pee wee trend and we are seeing more and more teams order these in bulk for their little ones. Many parents often ask for pee wees to show their school spirit at games from pee wee to high school. What’s not hot is pee wees for high schoolers, they made that very clear to us last year. But they’re super hot in our little ones and we love em!

We’ve made it to the Top 20! Let’s keep going!

mum suply list

20. What’s Hot – Roses and Floral Mixes

A hot trend in homecoming mums is the addition of more than mums to your mum. Adding roses, orchids, and even greenery and other florals makes a beautiful statement.

“I ordered the roses in peach because thats my favorite color. I like mums but I LOVE roses so I thought, can you do both?” Kayla Williams – Hardy H.S

We sure can and we’re seeing it and being asked for it more and more. We’ve taken this hot trend a step farther and decorated the mixed florals for 2020 and will be released this July. We love this trend!

19. What’s New – Butterflies, Frames, and More.

Butterflies have made their way on and off the list for a while now, and it’s back! Along with custom photo frames as either center pieces or as an add on to the mum streamers. These are cute additions as a personalized touch. The rhinestone letters and decorated mascots as well. A Mums and Kisses original that became a hit amongst the juniors and seniors has been the monogram keychain we make in house. Which allows the wearer to remove after homecoming and keep the keychain with their initials! They love the dual purpose and it’s a sweet gift.

18. What’s Hot – Still… Bling!

Bling is here to stay it seems. With bling being not only the highlight of the mum but also used all the way through. It’s made the list for years and its not going any where. Mum heads, streamers, brooches, and strands of rhinestones in multiple shapes. We’re always on the look out for different KIND of bling.

cheerleader mum for homecoming

17. What’s Hot – Decals, Layered Letters, And Custom Cuts

Number 17 on or list and moving up is the personalized and custom letters and decals. What once was a simple initial has turned into a frenzy of customized activities and words for the wearer.

“I Love that you can put my jersey number on my garter like a decal. Before we used to have stickers now you’ve taken it to a whole new level” – Mark Tovias – Cardinal H.S.

We have to agree with Mark, the customized decals are so much more personalized and a bolder look than before and we hope this trend continues.

16. What’s Hot – (Still) The Deco Bear

We at Mums and Kisses have always had mixed feelings about “the bear”. They’re in their out, they’re back in, they’re back out. It looks like for 2020 the bear, or should we say the DECO Bear is in and holding fast at number 16, Students love and hate the bear depending on the student it seems. Some request them every year and others say they don’t have much to do with their school. Either way, what we do know is that they are still ordered on a regular basis and still asked for in store. However, the plain bear is not. The naked bear is no longer a request but the decorated deco bear with outfit is still on the “What’s Hot” list for 2020.

15. What’s Not Hot – Finger & Wrist Mums

Before we dive into this one, let’s see what the students & parents had to say, and trust us, there were so many comments on this one we had to narrow them down to just a few.

“I don’t like this thing where they are wearing the mums on their wrist. I mean come on, this is Texas, every other state they would call them corsages, we aren’t every other state. Here, we wear MUMS.” Daphne Ronaldo Parent of Senior Jessa Ronaldo, Memorial H.S.

Finger mums are pointless. If I’m going to wear a mum, let it be a mum” Lynn Taffert Plano H.S.

Don’t get me started on the wrist – finger mum. I wouldn’t even call them mums. My grandma wears a corsage on mothers day, please don’t make me a grandma mum.” Wendy Gentry Carnegie Vanguard H.S.

We at Mums and Kisses make what we’re asked to make, and to be clear, we weren’t asked for many of either of these at all. Most now tell us the wrist and finger mums aren’t traditional enough and they’d rather pass. Alrighty then…

Moving on to number 14.

homecoming mum for drama and theater

14. What’s Hot – Themed Mums

Themed Mums are cool in our book and the students request them more and more. They’ve been around a while and most mum makers make them. They’re usually themed specific and the themes have gotten broader to include gaming mums, tennis mums etc depending on what the student is really into,

“I love to be able to pick my own theme that reps me because it’s out of the cookie cutter box. Not just have my sport on it but the whole thing be all about it. I love it” Jules Brenan Frisco H.S.

13. What’s Hot – (Still) LOTS of Braids

Nothing seems to fill out a mum better than braids. And in 2020 Braids moves up on the list with it being one of the top requested items in store. There’s now so many types of braids to choose from that you could get a different combination every year. Bling braids and box braids, diamond braids and heart braids, the list goes on and on. And mum makers are getting more and more creative with them every year.

Thank you to the Mum Factory Outlet for the use of photo

12. What’s Hot – Mega Mums

Still one of the most requested sizes of homecoming mums is the Mega Mum. They’re not extremely giant but they are big. They come in many different shapes now and are worn by any grade it seems. What once was a reservation for Seniors is now being worn by all grades in high school and is just the preference of the wearer.

The tradition used to say a freshman wore a single and a double was for sophomores etc, but for the last 4-5 years this hasn’t been the case. We say, wear what you like!

11. A 2020 Trend – “Love Knot” Details

Love Knot details are like hidden gems. These are the sweet things that a boyfriend might request for his girlfriend. Sometimes they’re obvious, and sometimes they’re hidden, or both. Things like, their name in hearts, a hidden message in a the trinket, an inside joke or something that represents just them. This trend we are seeing more and more and has become a popular keepsake. When we’re asked for a “love knot” it usually means the couple wants to make a surprise for the other. It’s so cute to see them come in to the store at different times and sometimes request the same exact thing with out the other one knowing it. In the photo the love is her nickname and a custom car that she races as well as their names on a record. The record to them symbolized the way they met. Awww.

And we’ve reached the top 10 Best Homecoming Mum Trends of 2020. Let’s do it!

10. What’s Not Hot – Strings.

This one was on the Not Hot list of 2017 and is back as a Not Hot because the students say no more!

Please don’t add that curly mess to my mum. I get tangled in it and it’s just not pretty” Laura Stafford Juniper H.S.

We’ve all used to do this, whether we made mums at home or professionals, but more and more the pros have gotten away from it. This filler is a cheap look that does get very tangled and makes your mum look dated.


9. What’s Not Hot – The Pin

As time goes on mums get heavier and heavier even if they’re not a mega mum. We add so much to them now days, that the pin no longer works as a means to wear them. Therefore we opt for the neck strap, professional or hand made. They’re more durable than the pin and they are much more comfortable for the wearer.

8. What’s Hot – Boas, and Feathers. (Still)

Boas were one of the things that came in with a bang and never left. The TYPE of boa is important though. Small boas from craft stores aren’t it. The students ask for the fluffy big boas that poof and fill out the mum. We’re even seeing more trends i Boas as well that are coming. Not only in colored boas but in glittered, lighted, bowed and draped. If we had to guess, you’ll see a new type of Boa this year that will probably end up on next years list. Shhhh…. we’re keeping it a surprise!

7.What’s Not Hot – Bubbles, Candy and Whistles

This one is a tricky one. The students love bubbles, candy and whistles BUT the teachers and football referees say no.

The bubbles that are in small bottles like wedding bubbles were a “classroom distraction when used in side of course, but the main reason was they tend to leak and can distroy your mum. Candy, same thing, they melt, get stuck to ribbons and teachers say no to this in class.

The whistles… this one was up for debate at football games when students would blow their whistles in the stands and referees reportedly removed the whistle blowers from the game. Boo! That’s no fun.

6. What’s Hot – Lights!

Lights have made the list every year. Sometimes they make the in list and sometimes they make the out list. In 2020, lights continue to be hot.

What IS out though is blinking multi color carnival type lights. These are distracting the students say and they are more likely to turn them off and aren’t allowed to turn them on until the football game anyway. Solid white lights are still in as are lights in the boa AND the mum head! Light it up!

And here it is… The top 5 Best Homecoming Mum Trends of 2020

5. What’s Hot – Patterns

Patterns are in big time in 2020. Cohesive patterns that look great together. No longer are we stuck with just color, now we incorporate patterns in to mums and students love it! They even request the pattern they like. Don’t be afraid of patterns, they bring a lot of dimension to homecoming mums and can be that one thing that makes it pop!

4. What’s Hot – Sayings, Titles and quotes!

Students ask for bible verses and sayings like “Daddy’s Girl” or Champion Bull Rider”. They love to put their parents or their coach’s mottos. on a ribbon in cut letters. Whether it’s something traditional as “Homecoming Court” or sweet like “Mom’s Brat” or “Our Time Is Now” written on ribbon, these sayings have meaning, which makes their mum creation that much more of a keepsake and personalized to them.

3.What’s Hot – Animal Print!

This one deserves it’s own category separate from number 5, patterns. Animal print is back in. Not only are the students choosing prints they like but of their school mascot! Cheetahs, zebras, tigers oh my! Animal print can be paw prints as well. If incorporated the right way, they’re super hot. What’s even hotter, the students tell us, is animal print in the color of their school. Sometimes hard to find but can put their mums over the top!

2. What’s Hot – Texas Spirit

As the world changes, more and more students are having “Texas Strong”, or asking for lonestar colors in their mums. Not just the shape of Texas, but going against the grain of school colors to rep their state. We think that’s awesome! The statement the students are making with their mums carries over not only from personality, but from their pride of where they live. It also has been done i support of things like school shootings, and hurricanes. This year more and more ask if they can go “Texas Strong” even if they’re ordering from out of state and want Red White and Blue for “America Strong”.

“My school colors are Orange and Black but I wanted to make a unity statement with my mum and say “United States Strong” I’m not from Texas but a red white and blue mum says that to me.” Ashley Goodwin Pensacola High School, Pensacola, Florida

We made it! The number 1 in our Top 25 Hottest Trends for Homecoming Mums of 2020

1. What’s Hot – Sash Mums

This one came via vote. We asked 325 students what the hottest trend in mums were in 2020 and over 82% said the Mum Sash or Sash Mum. We have to agree, we’ve made more of these for 2020 then in any other year. They’re elegant and make a grand entrance. The girls eyes light up when they see them and we think they’re super hot and hope to see more of this trend in the future.

And there you have it. the top 25 Hottest Trends for Homecoming Mums of 2020. We’d like to thank all the students, parents, our customers for helping put this list together. Every year we take great care to put together this list from having votes, taking polls, surveys and even going to speak at football games and ask the crowd to vote. We take this list super seriously and we hope their opinions help you in deciding your homecoming mum of 2020.

We invite you to visit our retail locations as well as our homecoming mums online. And we’d like to thank Mum Factory Outlet for allowing us to sell our supplies on their website. We hope you give us a call, visit us or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

We wanna give a big shout out and Happy Anniversary to Mums and Kisses!

Happy Homecoming! Until Next year when we do it all again!

Just a few examples of what we do at Mums and Kisses

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