Are People Still Buying Homecoming Mums?

To buy a homecoming mum or not, that is the question. In 2020 during a pandemic and school closures and online school, are people still buying homecoming mums? The short answer is, YES they are. At least from us, and some other mum makers we know, they are. Why? We think it’s to keep up the tradition, to be normal, to have that senior mum they’ve been waiting for. Or to make their own this year.

arepeople still buying homecoming mums

A homecoming mum is a keepsake, a remembrance and a representation of school spirit and of self. A celebration you can wear. Students and parents aren’t wanting to let that go and neither are us mum makers. In times of weirdness a sense of normalcy and seasonal tradition is a must! That is why keep going.

We’ve seen the mask face mums, and the pandemic mums, that’s all cool. The traditional mum you thought you’d get next year, you know the bigger one, the one you promised yourself that “next year, I’m going to get THAT”, type of homecoming mum is still a dream a desire to be fulfilled. There’s no COVID stopping it. Its our way as humans of saying, we’re going to be normal no matter what we have to cover our faces with now, or how many hand sanitizers we’ve been through so far.

The students tell us that it’s their way of saying that they’re going to keep going. And we think that’s awesome! We know how much courage our kids have to have to go back to a “new normal” and buying a homecoming mum this year is just one way of saying, things WILL get back to normal and this one piece of normalcy helps when things look weird and confusing.

Are people still buying homecoming mums if there is no football game? Yes. They’re wearing them to school, they’re posting their photos on their social media. They’re hanging them on their walls.

But what if I’m going to school online, are people still buying homecoming mums? They sure are. Why? Because school spirit doesn’t stop because your classroom is online.

To buy, to make, to have a homecoming mum is up to you, We hope you choose to help us and other mum makers keep the tradition alive, this year and always.

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