Homecoming Mums for Charities

Homecoming Mums for Charity

Homecoming mums for charities is our favorite thing about making mums. Mums and Kisses has supported multiple charities since we began. It was always important to us to give back not just to our local community but to the charities that are close to our hearts.

How Homecoming Mums For Charities Work.

Every mum we make have multiple options to choose from and one of those options is to support a charity. We put ribbon representing a charity in to the mum so that not only is the wearer of the mum supporting the charity but $4 is donated directly to that particular chairty. In some instances customers want to support more than one charity in the same mum. Each charity that the customer chooses recieved another $4 donation to those charities.

What Customers are Saying

Homecoming mums for charities is a wonderful way to make something even more meaningful for my daughter. She’s a senior this year and Mums and Kisses has been our go to mum maker for all 4 years of her high school life. Every year we’ve chosen to support The ALZ for Alzheimer’s Dementia in honor of her grandfather. The purple ribbon in her mum shows her support at school and reminds her that her grandfather is still with her every year. We love that Mums and Kisses offers this sweet tribute.” – Lynda Starbourgh

“My mom has breast cancer and it’s been hard for me emotionally. But being able to choose the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon for my mum shows her that I support her and her cure. Mums and Kisses has been a cool place to buy mums since I was in 6th grade. I’m now a freshman and I’m excited to keep the tradition. When I heard that the owner of Mums and Kisses also was a mom with breast cancer, I was sad for her but glad that this company continues to support awareness. It important to fight!” – Mya Gonzalez

Charities For Homecoming Mums

There are several charities we have supported over the years. The two constants we have supported since the start of Mums and Kisses are The Alzheimer’s Association and The American Cancer Society. In later years we have support the Aaron Singleton Memorial Fund, The Joshua High School Special Needs Classes, and The Cowtown Marathon.

Homecoming Mums for Charity

Why We Do It

Homecoming mums show spirit for the wearer’s school. But they are so much more. They are a tradition to be carried on, a memory memento, an expression of the students personality and in some instances, they’re a collectable. Supporting charities is just another way to keep all of these things alive. And it feels good to give back. Homecoming mums for charities, its the right thing to do!

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