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Homecoming Mums 2017 – Mums and Kisses

Homecoming Mums 2017 – Mums and Kisses New Releases! We are excited to introduce our new products this year. We have several Custom Homecoming Mums you’ve not seen anywhere! We are the original creators of the Masquerade Mum and the Helicopter Mum. Hilariously themed mums, that’s what the Homecoming Mums 2017 New Releases are all about. Adding some character to your homecoming mum this year!

Homecoming Mums 2017We want to start out by thank you for being on our site. We consider each and every person that visits, whether they buy from us or not, an honor to have with us. Mums and Kisses is a different kind of Mum Shop than you may be used to. “We’re the fun ones!”

Hilariously Themed Mums

Parents, do you ever get to wear a homecoming mum? Probably not. Kids do you think your mom hoovers over you too much? Then the Helicopter Mum is perfect for you! A mum for the moms that want to wear a mum. This New Release is a hilarious way to celebrate homecoming!

For the guys we have the bro-mance going on for y’all! We think garters should have character, so Mums and Kisses proudly presents the “Bruh” line. Yeah, we know. What? We created an exclusive and original product line for the guys. The Bruh Line has all your favorite sayings on your mum. Like.. really.

The Masquerade Mum was a custom mum we designed in 2016 and this year is available to the public!

These are just a couple of our Homecoming Mums 2017 New Releases. Remember these themed homecoming mums just aren’t out there anywhere. We’re creating theses original product lines right here at Mums and Kisses! Have fun with it! It’s friggin’ homecoming!

Homecoming Mums 2017 – Mums and Kisses

We hope you like these! They were a blast to come up with. A special thank you to Paula for the hilarious conversation that inspired the Helicopter Mum! You’re a gem!

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Specialty Mums

Senior Homecoming Mum silver

Specialty Mums are not your every day homecoming mums. The Bling Bling Mum is the Mums and Kisses Signature Mum. It is the designer homecoming mum that all the girls are choosing! Only at Mums and Kisses Available Here