25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2019

25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2019

Here it is, 25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2019. What’s New, What’s Old, What’s Hot & What’s Not. Opinions from the kids who wear ’em! Are you ready?

Every year we publish our list of 25 hottest Trends for the best homecomings mums. This year we have some cool new trends for you, we can’t wait to share! Before we begin, let’s remember how far we’ve come! Homecoming Mums and Garters used to be a real flower with some tulle and a pin. Now we have these Texas Sized Homecoming Mums like only Texans can do!

Still don’t know what a homecoming mum even is? Check out our article What Is a Homecoming Mum – 4 Definitions of a Homecoming Mums

Homecoming Mum and garter trends change like everything else. We all like to keep things fresh and new! We compiled the compliments, complaints, the “I’m so tired of seeing…” and the “why don’t you make..” ideas from the kids who wear them and the parents that buy them, and put together the list below. We know that traditions vary from school to school and area by area. What kids like in mums in Fort Worth will vary from what they ask for in New Jersey or Japan. YES we’ve made mums for kids in various states and countries too! Our list compiles all from every where to give you a good variation! Without further adieu, Mums and Kisses presents:

25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2019

 All photos and quotes are used with permission from their originating sources.

25. What’s Hot – Monograms

Monograms made the top trend list in 2018 and have moved in to the “What’s Hot” List for 2019. So it’s safe to say that Mum Monograms are taking over as the centerpiece for mums in the last 2 years. Most are personalized initials some are school initials, the choice is up to you. 

24. What’s Hot – Colors!

In fact, colors are so hot that they take up 3 spots on our count down this year. The Colors chosen for mums continue to be hot! The champagne, gold and blush pink was a top color combo in 2018 and continues in to 2019.

These signature colors branch away from the traditional school colors and show your individual style at the same time flash your school spirit!

23. A 2019 Trend- New Colors!

New colors are always popping up in ribbon. The top 2 signature color combos of the season for 2019 are

1. White / Silver/ Baby Aqua Blue.

2.Black / White / Silver / Gold

White with silver is always a classy touch but putting the new color of baby aqua blue with it… to Die For! This is a classic beautiful upscale look for many mums in 2019. The color combo of Black with White and adding silver AND gold are a quad that will really surprise. This combo doesn’t go out of style easily. And preorder students are already asking for these color combos for 2019!

22. Not Hot– Clashing Color Combos

Just like any thing, there are color do’s and color don’ts. The trend of mixing colors that don’t match or dull “paint” colors are not hot in 2019. Pewter made it’s short run, and so did the color Coral, but they just didn’t last. Clashing colors like Turquoise and purple together was short lived as well.

“We look forward to our mums each year just to see these horrible miss matched messes. Mums are hard enough with everything on the mum going on just to miss match them too is too much!” – Caprise Steiner – Senior, Waco High School.

We’re going to agree with you Caprise and thank you for your info towards on list! Move in on!

21. A 2019 Trend– Sash Mums

Sash Mums, or Mum Sashes have been around at least 10 years but they are making a come back in 2019. They are a cool design to wear and the girls are loving it!

Hint: If you are planning to make one on your own or order one, do so IN ADVANCE, these beauties do take some time to put together whether you are making them yourself or having a professional do it for you.

20. Not Hot – Hip Mums

Unlike Sash Mums, or Mum Sashes, the Hip Mum is not Hot. They’re a real waste of ribbon to be honest and their appeal isn’t really there.

Those mums you wear with a ribbon or those loops across your chest look like a crossing guard with a little flower, I mean really?” – Sara Trimble, Sophomore, Trinity High School.

We tend to agree. In a debate the Hip Mum verses the Sash mums, the Sash mum wins. They not only give you more bang for your buck and they don’t look as cheap.

19. Not Hot – Finger Mums

Finger Mums were cute but their popularity never really took off state or nation wide. Unfortunately they got a bad reputation at school and became the “poor man’s mum” or the “lack of school spirit” wearer label. The kids say they’re adorable but probably better if worn in addition to a homecoming mum. Then they could show amazing school spirit, but on their own the students give them a thumbs down.

“I wore a finger mum last year and I was told I had zero spirit. I took it off after 3rd period. Would have been better if I’d not worn anything at all. Next year, I’m getting a HUGE mum” – Zandra Day, Freshman, Marcus High School

18. What’s Hot – Bling and Braids

Bling has been in for a while and braids have as well but bling ON braids is something we continue to see. It’s become a hot trend in the last 2 years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Wondering where you can get them? They’re not in Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, you’ll have to venture to a homecoming mum store or have them added to your mum when you order them from a professional.

17. What’s Hot – Patterns!

In 2018 ribbon patterns branched out to make some really cute stuff! This year the trend continues with even more patterns. This years patterns continues to be polka dots, chevron, and interestingly enough, SNAKE SKIN! We saw a lot of students order snake skin last year and the preorders suggest the trend is continuing. Also note that plaid is in too! you’ll be seeing a lot of plaid this Christmas, heads up!

16. A 2019 Trend – Deco Bears

Mums have had a love hate relationship with the teddy bear. Some students love them some hate them. And every year, bears make our in or out list depending on what the students say. In 2019 the bear is in BUT they’re picky bears. The trend is a bear that’s not to big it hangs off the mum and naked bears are out. The dressed or deco bear are in and trending in 2019. The two that top the list are deco dress bears and grad bears.

Mums and Garters near me

15. What’s Hot – Designer Ribbon

“Designer Ribbon” are ribbon that are custom to you. You can make them yourself with a little bit of creativity or you can order them in with your mum from a professional. They are usually 2″ -2 1/2″ wide ribbon with a word, name or brag in the middle and have ornaments bows or braids attached to them. They’re a super cool way to make your mum really unique.

Heart Homecoming Mum

14. What’s Hot – Big Bows!

More and more requests for huge bows are being made. Not just for the ends of braids but as centerpieces and accent pieces. All type of bows are used in mums but like the mums, they just keep getting bigger!

homecoming mum prices

13. What’s Hot – Mum Museums and Collecting?

Homecoming mums have been around for decades! Those that kept them are finding them to now be collectables. Who would have guessed? Both old and new mums have been popping up in full exhibits in Texas museums from Cleburne to Beaumont. Showcasing years of tradition and as professional mum makers expand their fame, collectors are seeking them out. There are now mum collectors that have started offering cash for your old mums made in a certain year or school or by their favorite designer. So hang on to your mums, they could make you money one day. Don’t believe us? Check out these exhibits: The Layland Museum of History in Cleburne and The Dishman Art Museum at Lamar University

Homecoming Mum

12. What’s Hot – Lights and Trinkets and Bells Oh My!

Every year we’re asked, “Are lights still a thing?” And MOST years, they are. In 2019 they seem to still be going strong. Trinkets have started to make a come back, where students were getting away from plastic trinkets, they’re coming around again and bells have ALWAYS been in. Although we will note that the smaller bells seem to be preferred over the cowbells. We think it’s a personal preference and also what’s allowed by your school.

Texas Mums and Garters - Custom Mums

11. What’s Hot – The Bigger the Better!

The Megas are still in. And in all shapes. from single megas to heart, diamond, and Texas shape. The bigger the better. And the cool thing about the megas is they are no longer restricted to grades. All grades from ninth to seniors are choosing them!

Mums and Garters for Homecoming

10. A 2019 Trend – BIG Garters!

Big Mega garters are gaining popularity. We know the guys don’t seem to care about mums as much as the girls, but surprisingly, more orders are perfected by the male student making the order than their own mothers! Over the years we’ve found the boys know what they’re looking for half the time without help and when they call to make their orders they want their garter to be just as big as hers and want his to be up to par with hers every time! It’s all about the Custom Homecoming Garters! And why not? guys like to be uniquely cool too! Watch for the guys garters to grow in size this year!

9. What’s Old – Lengthy Mums!

You’ve seen them. Those mums that are just way too long. making the poor short girls trip over them. Most mums are between 30 and 36 inches long. Well let’s think about this. If you’re 5 foot tall. the ribbons alone are 3 foot long, couple that with a foot to a foot and a half mum head and stick it to your chest and try not to trip all day long! Attention short girls, don’t be afraid to tell your mum designer to make it shorter for you. Your mum doesn’t HAVE to be a standard 36 inches (3 feet). You don’t have to trip all day, and we don’t blame you. Just kindly tell your mum designer to make your mum an easy 24-30 inches and on your height it will hit you in the same place the tall girls wear them and no one will be the wiser!

Mum by Mums and Kisses

8. What’s Hot – Luxury Keepsake Mums

For years mums have been plastic and sort of wear and toss. Now more than ever they have turned into a product that lasts years after graduation. By upgrading to more of a luxury product, it makes the mum go from toss to keepsake. Higher quality supplies, coupled with a seasoned professional designer, makes these mums a true memory keepsake. They have started to be used in other aspects as well, by taking piece of your high school senior homecoming mum and placing it into your baby mum upon a first child years later, traditions are born and carried over and we’re seeing more and more requests for this in 2019!

7. What’s Hot – Multi-Mascots!

More and more students that are choosing bigger mums want to use more than one Mascot Head as a center décor! They’re absolutely adorable and really show that school spirit. Whether your school mascot are pirates, panthers etc, doing multi-Mascots is a hot and simple trend that we’re seeing more and more. If you’re using a professional mum maker to make your mum for you, be sure to tell them you want Multi Mascots to get that look!

Halogram ribbon

6. What’s Old – Hologram Ribbon

Just.. No. This is one trend that needs to die quickly. We never understood the use of this ribbon. After spending so much time and thought on the design you want, then throwing down $100+ on it, just to throw a laser looking ribbon in the mix. WHY?! It makes your mum look cheap.

And here we are at the top 5!

Triple Mega Homecoming Mum

5. 2019 Trend– Heart Triples Are Back!

Hearts never go out of style but as 2019 homecoming approaches the Heart Shape is trumping trends! Their classic, beautiful and hold a good amount of decor making them in big demand. You don’t HAVE to be a junior to get a triple or even have a date / boyfriend. Even Heart Garters for the boys are hot! They have a good weight to them and are easier to wear than double mums. Mega or traditional hearts are BOTH in for 2019!

4. 2019 Trend– Bandana Garters!

What’s a bandana Garter and isn’t that kind of out of the traditional “Garter” ? The bandana garter gives a tying effect verses the traditional elastic garter. They tie around the arm and can be adjusted to size over varsity jackets etc. They’re more comfortable and the boys are liking them a lot! Just request a bandana on the back of the garter instead of the traditional garter and you’re all set!

3. What’s Hot–Feathers! Boas! Oh My!

Feathers and boas have been added to mums for a while now but they’re getting to be a LOT better quality! No longer are they the thin boas of yesteryear. 2019 boas are heavier, fuller and colored! They can be white, but colors in boas are hot in 2019. Adding feathers to the mum head is also a cool hot trend in 2019! Even the boys garters are starting to do boas to make them even fuller and match the girls better.

homecoming lights example

2. What’s Hot–Lights? or No Lights?

Lights have made the list every year. Sometimes they make the in list and sometimes they make the out list. In 2019, lights continue to be hot. What IS out though is blinking carnival type lights. These are distracting and blinding the students say and they are more likely to turn them off and aren’t allowed to turn them on until the football game anyway. Solid white lights are still in as are lights in the boa AND the mum head! Light it up!

And now… The Number 1 of 2019 is…

Mega Homecoming Mum By Mums and Kisses

1. Hottest 2019 Trend – The Blush Mum!

The 2019 hottest trend of the year is The Blush colored Mum. Blush pink, cream, brown, gold, BEAUTIFUL! These hand painted mums are the biggest asked for mum of 2019. They are so elegant, so classy AND they fall into the heart shape all the girls are asking for! They’re price range can get up there though because the hard to find colors and the hand painted flowers. Cut the cost by using a 7 1/2 flower and backer instead of a mega. The students love them because there’s plenty of room to sport all their favorite additions on and they’re easier to handle and wear. They also are universal to 9th to 12th grades, and parents and students like that a lot. Heads up, most craft stores won’t sell supplies for flowers these colors, so contact your favorite mum maker and see about one of these beautiful blushes!

Most custom mum makers love a challenge and it excites them to be creative and offer more. Don’t be afraid to look up your favorite Mum Maker and let them create your best homecoming look. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and compare what you’d spend in supplies verses what it costs to have one made. And moms… don’t feel guilty for not making it, that’s not a tradition, having a beautiful keepsake gifted mum, is.

And there you have it, the 25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2019! Be sure to check out our Homecoming Mums below. We hoped you liked this list, it took a while to compose. We hope you have a great homecoming and we’ll be here if you need us! – Mums and Kisses

Come visit our Little Custom Mum Shop where we sell our custom supplies. Braids, Big Boas, Bows, lights, bells, and more. You can even order your own custom supplies in store + we carry a small selection of the traditional trinkets and the hard to find imprint ribbon like western, choir, ROTC, soccer and other activity imprint ribbon, we have that wide honeycomb you like in every color. Those little extras that set your mum over the top!  3708 County Road 920 Crowley, TX 76036

Just a few examples of what we do at Mums and Kisses

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